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Our Programs

All of Finding the Way’s programs are intended to help individuals in jail and those they left at home talk honestly and frankly with a facilitator about life, God, faith and a way forward. It helps participants become more confident and better prepared for the challenges ahead. The programs are an invitation to change an individuals self-awareness and behavior.

The programs are not intended as courses to be taught and completed nor as an opening for lectures, exhortations, or mini-sermons. They strive to create a comfortable atmosphere for discussion as people struggle along the same narrow and often rocky road. These discussions are meant to offer a ray of hope for those who are incarcerated and the encouragement to overcome what has contributed to their current situation.

At the end of these programs, individuals earn certificates attesting to their successful completion. These certificates are important morale builders as so many of these men and women have seldom completed anything positive previously.

The programs’ facilitators serve the role of a companion, a guide, a fellow traveler who listens more than he/she speaks and who does not judge or correct. With the aid of the curriculum, the facilitator helps a participant discover for him/herself a better road to follow.

Finding the Way currently offers three approaches, Finding the Way in Jail, Finding the Way to Restorative Justice, and Finding the Way by Mail; a fourth approach is currently in development.

Finding the Way develops and produces curriculum content, trains group facilitators, recruits new teams to implement the programs, and collects and analyzes program data.