Program Introduction

This is an Introduction for the Finding the Way Program

These twelve folders are intended to help individuals in jail talk honestly and frankly with a facilitator (volunteer or chaplain) about life, God, and faith. They are a very helpful tool to begin preparing a man who is returning to the sacraments, making his First Communion, or becoming a Catholic.

The folders are NOT a course that has to be taught and completed. They are NOT intended to be an opening for a teaching, an exhortation, or a mini-sermon. They are a program that strives to create a comfortable atmosphere for discussion as two people struggle along the same narrow and rocky road. They are meant to offer a ray of hope in the rather depressing atmosphere in which the men are living.

At the end of the program, the individual is given a certificate attesting to his successful completion. This certificate is an important morale builder because so many of the men have seldom completed anything positive in their lives.

The material in the first four folders is like the latch on a gate. It does not open the gate, but when released, it allows the gate to be opened. The pictures, the text and the questions invite the men to look at their lives and think about whether they would like to take a different path in life. The other eight folders explore some of the major flagstones, which pave the road of that new way of life. They are a call to a different way of thinking about themselves, about God, and about the Church. Because the folders are meant to be a safe and easy way to get into a subject, it is not necessary to cover all the material in a session. At times it may be necessary to backup and review or complete topics begun in a previous session.

Gonzalo De Vivero, Catholic Chaplain North County
Correctional Facility,L.A.,CA & Rev. Gerard P. Weber,

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