General Summary: As of 11/1/2010

This summary reflects the number of inmates that have actually completed the program in its entirety. Our ratio of those that take the program to those that complete the program is 2.5 to 1. This is because they are moved to other facilities on a regular basis or are transferred to state prison, so it is very difficult and time consuming to follow them. Some of them drop out of the program for different reasons.

Upon completion of the program all individuals are provided with a certificate which is mailed along with a complete set of Finding the Way in Jail folders. These are sent in hopes that they may always remember the important steps they took in their spiritual life while incarcerated. All those who receive sacraments are registered at Blessed Kateri Church in Saugus, California.

Estimated number that participate in program: 14,006
Number of inmates completing course and receiving certificate at Pitchess Detention Center 5,311
Ratio………. 2.5

Other Statistics Summary:

First Communion Recipients: 185
Baptism Recipients: 36
Confirmation Recipients: 55
Rehabilitation Referrals and Placements: 26

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