General Summary

For nearly 20 years, Finding the Way has been offering programs that help men and women travel the path of recovery, ease their reentry into the community, and avoid recidivism. Finding the Way programs continue to expand their reach and are now offered in facilities throughout Los Angeles and Orange County.

In 2018, Finding the Way programs welcomed more than 40,000 participants into its programs. In the past 12 months, nearly 15,000 incarcerated men and women completed their program and received certificates for their efforts.

All those who receive sacraments are registered at Blessed Kateri Church in Saugus, California.

Estimated number that participate in program: 40,000
Number of inmates completing course and receiving certificate
Ratio………. 2.7

Other Statistics Summary:

First Communion Recipients: 185
Baptism Recipients: 36
Confirmation Recipients: 55
Rehabilitation Referrals and Placements: 26

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